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A study from the Dept. of Geosciences, SFSU, shows how quickly a car interior can heat up, even with the windows "cracked". Cars with darker interiors may heat even more quickly.
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Is Your Dog a Thief?
Does your pup steal the kid's toys and play keep-away games with your socks and shoes? Check out techniques at Veterinary Partners to channel this behavior so that everybody wins.
July 2012
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How many kittens do you see in this radiograph?
Are you stocking up on the After-Holiday Chocolate Sales? Don't forget that those goodies may be harmful to your pet. Chocolate contains a stimulant called theobromine which dogs and cats don't metabolize as well as humans do.
Serious problems, even death, can result if enough theobromine builds up in a pet's system. The amount of chocolate eaten, the type of chocolate, and the weight of your pet determine the amount of theobromine consumed. Cats are much less likely to eat chocolate, since they have no "sweetness" receptors. Check out this great article on Chocolate Toxicity!